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Astrology Placements Interpretation 

What do all the placements mean to your sun sign?

Ever wonder what sign is most compatible for you? What type of people you attract in your life? How your other astrological signs affect you and your sun sign? 

Call to find out what the placements for your sun sign really mean.

Meet Corky

Interested in learning more about what's in the stars for you? Learning about your sign can help you interpret why certain things may have happened in the past, how to handle particular situations in the present, and how to be prepared for what what life brings in the future.

You will benefit from my hundreds of hours of study and life experience.

How it works:

Schedule a free 10 minute consultation by phone or text.

If you like what you hear, Corky will schedule appointments in one hour increments to determine your astrological placements and explain what they mean to you.

Need more details? Contact me

I'm looking forward to chatting! Contact me by phone or text.

Hours are 9AM to 3PM PST - 7 days a week

If your leave a message, you can count on me to call or text back: 360-731-0385

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